Vicke Blanka // Discovery

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Just when I thought I was going through a musical drought, I came across an artist who guided to me to the nearest oasis where I could finally satisfy my thirst for good music. Give me pianos. Give me falsettos. Give me free-style dancing. Give me repetitive verses that don't drive me crazy. Give me something different than all the same stuff I've been hearing on the radio at work. Why don't you give me Vicke Blanka?

Vicke is a 27 year old singer from Aichi Prefecture in Japan. He has a falsetto voice and likes to play piano and pop songs. He won some event called Minami Wheel in 2012 with his song, Wake up sweetheartOu Boy is his first single with No Big Deal Records and his first mini album is slated to come out this October. And that is literally all I know about him.

 Ou Boy starts off sounding like an elementary school piano recital and then the beautiful falsetto joins in and you just want to get up and start dancing. Or just move your body in random motions if you're like me and can't dance. Well my lack of dancing skills aside and back to the real important stuff, the rest of the song is a beautiful mash between classical and pop genres. The vocals are interesting; Vicke definitely displays quite the vocal range and style. The piano track is fantastic; it's definitely not your typical same-chords-in-every-pop-song-ever kind of track. While it definitely has its fair share of repetition, there's this artistic and unique quality to his piano style. Also, I really like the addition of the shaker. Overall, Ou Boy's just a fun song to get your spirit up and moving, as showcased in the pv where Vicke moves to the beat and his body movements can only be described as freestyle dancing.

Song that got me hooked: Ou Boy 

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