The Ready Set // Discovery

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Sometimes there are artists you wish you'd discovered sooner....The Ready Set is one of those artists. This past week, I've been listening to pretty much nothing but The Bad & The Better. It's a solid album with a bit of pop variety and amazing production. Jordon (aka The Ready Set) is a solo artist, currently signed to Razor & Tie. I might as well review his third album while I'm at it. The album was recorded on a span of two years and was released in late May of this year.

There's only one song I don't like on the album and that's Fangz. I find the synth melody (oh so commonly used in edm) to be a tad generic and bland. Other than that, the album is pretty good. It's mature bubblegum pop. There's pop rock tracks like More Than This and then there's technopop songs like Castaway. I admit it's not a revolutionary album or anything but it's just easy on the ears and livens the mood.

Terrible Things has really interesting production and instrumentation. It's a refreshing and beautiful contemporary ballad. I love how soft and gentle his voice sounds in that song. A certain part of the backtrack in Are We Happy Now? reminds me of  The 1975's The City. That guitar rift sounds so similar. Regardless of my suspicions, it's still a great song. Actually The Ready Set reminds me of a lot of different artists and I think that's due to his style of musical being a combination of synthpop and pop rock.

Favourite Track: Don't You Need Me
Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever), Castaway, Carry Me Home, Terrible Things...basically all the tracks except Fangz are terrific songs. But Don't You Need Me is just too darn catchy. 

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