Chukuri by Nirgilis // Album Review

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Nirgilis is one of the first Japanese bands I discovered. I clearly remember listening to Snow Kiss in middle school. Despite my interest being limited to singles (and not full albums), they still hold a special place in my heart. Even now.

On their website, Nirgilis reported that this would be their last album. They aimed to make a fun album that people could enjoy and dance to. I'm glad they achieved that. It's a shame to see them go, seeing how awesome of an album Chukuri is.

The album is divided into 2 discs, with the first being comprised of new songs and the second a collection of singles and favourite songs. Since only half of the album is new material, I'll be reviewing the first half but there isn't much to say...

This album is an amazing piece of work. It's amazing in the number of collaborations and amount of work put into this album. It's amazing in how each song is insanely catchy, how pop-radio-friendly this album is, while retaining that artistic integrity. Nirgilis really went all out, with the number of collaborating artists; they range from the famous livetune to akinya electro. Though electropop and synthpop remain the prominent genres, it branches off to house and even dubstep (as showcased in My Alien). Electronica fans won't be disappointed.

I'm sad to see them go, but thankful for all the years of wonderful music. Although the credit doesn't go entirely to them, Nirgilis was a catalyst in deepening my love for Japanese music. Because of awesome bands like them, I became more interested in the Japanese music industry and actively searched for new artists to listen to.

Recommended Song: Cosmology ft. the LASTRAK
Cosmology sounds nostalgic for some reason and may more accessible to those who are familiar with their past songs. I had such a hard deciding which song to recommend; there are too many! Listen to Ring True and I Love DIY and Walkure. Scratch that, just listen to the whole album!

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