Sayonara wa Emotion by Sakanaction // Single Review

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Let's get it straight Sakanaction is one of the best things Japanese music has to offer. That's just my honest opinion. I have a hard time describing their music because the electronica label isn't a perfect fit. They encompass several genres (rock and pop included) and present interesting takes in music. I highly recommend you listen to their 2013 self-titled album. It's so good, I would've nominated it for Best Album for this year as well.

(c) Hip Land Music 
Their latest single is a double A-side, as was their last one. The singles are Sayonara wa Emotion and Hasu no Hana. First impressions wise, I wasn't too fond of this single. It lacked punch. Compared to their 9th single, Goodbye/Eureka, I thought the singles weren't as strong. But now that I've heard the songs for a while, they've really grown on me. The slow buildup in Sayonara is beautiful, especially with the cymbals and background noise frequency. The song teases the chorus in a casual manner before actually presenting a full fledged, high energy version. Sakanaction has proven to incorporate choirs very well into their music, as shown in Aoi. I'm glad to see this streak continue with Sayonara.

Hasu is a repetitive and addictive song but I haven't and probably won't find myself listening to it often. I'm interested to see how things will play out if it ever makes the album cut. The SAKANATRIBE x ATM verison of Ame(B) may indeed be atmospheric; however it takes too long before the 'lalala' stream in and my attention is finally heightened. 

The Cornelius Remix of Music is my personal highlight of the whole single. Some may not enjoy the simplistic elements of bells and acoustic guitar but I find it to be extremely fitting and enjoyable. And although it seemingly appears to be a simplistic remix, there lies a certain complexity in the tone and mood the remix sets. It is whimsical and fantastical. You can even hear birds chirping at the end of the track! 

Recommended Track: Sayonara wa Emotion
Music (Cornelius remix) is no where to be found, so I guess I'll have to settle for second best.