Star + Ring + Child = ?

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Let me say this first: Aimer is one of my favourite artists. Actually she might be my favourite artist. Period. So whatever she puts out, I'm sure to love or at least love to appreciate. After the disaster that was After Dark (not a huge fan of live albums), I was looking forward to a new single. Unfortunately and fortunately, what I got was StarRingChild.

StarRingChild is an epic song. However I find the chorus to be very saturated and messy. It's too similar to RE: I AM, which is not surprising since both are produced by Sawano Hiroyuki. The movie ver was easier to get through and the instrumental was pretty good. I love Sawano's work and Aimer's voice but I don't like their collab all that much. I appreciate their work, it's just not what I go to Aimer for. On the other hand, Even Heaven is exactly what I expected and needed from Aimer. Her voice is perfect for powerful ballads. The accompaniment is stripped down and the song really emphasizes her voice. Mine is definitely the weaker ballad in the EP; the chorus unmemorable and the length too stretched out.

If I remember correctly, RE:I AM hit number 2 on the Oricon charts. StarRingChild was number 3 this week. If these kind of songs produce the numbers and exposure she needs, I don't mind at all. The B sides have potential and the cover designs are extremely beautiful.  If she sells more, I can look forward to a steady stream of releases...which seems to be the case as she's releasing a new album titled Midnight Sun later month.

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