May '14 Playlist

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Despite that I have much more time on my hands now that school's ended, I haven't been listening to as much music as I anticipated I would. Still, I enjoyed listening to a bunch of new artists. I think it's been a fruitful month.

  1. Short Term 12 Soundtrack by Joel P. West
  2. Pocketful of Poetry by Mindy Gledhill
  3. No Border Between Us by Genki Rockets II
  4. Paradigm Shift by UPLIFT SPICE
  6. Speak a Little Louder by Diane Birch
  1. My Love by Kaela Kimura 
  2. Boku Note by Sukima Switch 
  3. Rainbow by LEGO BIG MORI
  4. Seishun no Mabataki by Shiina Ringo
  5. Pompeii by Bastille
  6. StarRingChild by Aimer
  7. Sekai ga Owaru Made Wa by Wands
  8. VOICE by AI
  9. Ok by 4men
  10. All of The Stars by Ed Sheeran