broKen NIGHT/holLow wORlD by Aimer // Single Review

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I have been on an Aimer-loving spree lately. Remember my dislike for StarRingChild? Well, now I absolutely love that song along with Re:I am. Aimer has an award-winning formula when it comes to my musical taste. Sooner or later, I end up loving all of her songs.

broKen NIGHT/holLow wORlD is her 7th single. Three songs on the single have been chosen to be the opening/insert/ending theme for the PS vita game, Fate/hollow ataraxia.

At first, the title threw me off. I'm pretty sure there's a cryptic message in the capitalization of the title They spell out KNIGHT and LORD. If that somehow ties into the game, good on whoever thought that up.

broKen NIGHT is perfect for Fate/hollow ataraxia and you can tell from the instrumental that this song was made for this game. Maybe it's because they involved someone (Keita Haga) from the Fate/stay night OST composition team. The Fate/stay night franchise is solemn and melancholic and from start to finish, this song truly embodies the essence of the series. The strings and wind melodies are gorgeous, especially illustrated in the short orchestral solo.

To balance out things, the single also includes a more rock-based track, holLow wORlD. This song feels like it came out of UnChild. You could put this track in UnChild and it wouldn't feel out of place. Open The Doors adds refreshment and a much needed uplifting feel to the overall single. my sweetest one sounds a little too much like a typical pop song about love. Nevertheless I love it anyways because Aimer's voice is just that good.

Overall, this single is good, though all songs suffer from sounding a tad generic. I'm just happy Aimer is collaborating with more and more different series and franchises, establishing her name in the music industry.

Recommended Song: broKen NIGHT 

bkn (short ver.) from ato bay on Vimeo.

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