Dec '14 Playlist

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2014 has been a great year! I started this blog, started to listen to music more intensely and actively, and found lots of amazing artists. Here's to another year of fantastic music! Cheers!

  1. Four by One Direction
  2. Chukuri by Nirgilis


  1. Mou Ichido Dake by Da-iCE
  2. Life in Technicolor (All verisions) by Coldplay
  3. 4 by Ricky Montgomery ft. Midwestern Accent
  4. XIAT by Trevor Moran 
  5. Stay Gold by Ohashi Trio
  6. Reflection by Fifth Harmony
  7. broKen NIGHT holLow wORLD by Aimer 
  8. Mysterious Magic by Do As Infinity
  9. IT'S THE RIGHT TIME by Daichi Miura
  10. Sayonara Miserable by bomi
  11. Unashamed by Confidential Music