(Part 1) Singles of 2014 You Should Probably Listen To

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What a bland title, well I can only blame myself for not being creative enough. It was either this or the slightly more aggressive "Singles of 2014 You Need to Listen to RIGHT NOW!" Either way, you get the idea. The year of 2014 has been incredible and I couldn't possibly list out all the great songs that artists churned out this year. Nevertheless there are a couple of real gems hidden amongst the mass rubble. The songs listed are in no particular order. Furthermore, I'll be borrowing an idea from sutematsu. Instead of haiku book reviews, it's going to be haiku music reviews. And it isn't because I'm too lazy to write paragraphs for each album or single...

1. Daisy by Stereo Dive Foundation

Rhythmic Melody
On repeat 500 times
But still not enough


2. contrast by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (x)

Raw energy flows
Through my soul while I fathom
Music's true power

3. Forever by Ykiki Beat (x)

Catchy melody
Can't help but sing along to,
Too darn infectious

4. Goodbye by Sakanaction

Melancholy swings 
Back and Forth in my warm heart 
Fascination stays


5. Ningen Shikkaku (Ai Ver) by Gomess

Life story, Breaking
Autistic stereotypes
One track at a time


6. Working Steady by Bryarly (x)
Because everyone,
in life, has to keep trying
keep working steady