(Part 2) Singles of 2014 You Should Probably Listen To

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There were so many greats songs I could list that I had to spilt this giant post into two, (Part 1). Well, lo and behold, Part 2 has appeared. 

7. Unravel  by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (x)

Words can't unravel
the mystery and greatness
of this masterpiece

8. Ou Boy by Vicke Blanca (x)

That addictive tune
stays in your head, hours on end
non-stop grooviness

9. Live It Up by Colbie Caillat

For those fearless days
Those times you want to feel good
and try something new

10. Display by Perfume 

Back to form, Back to
that nostaglic, sweet sound with
a tinge of dub step

11. Yume no Hajima Ring Ring by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 

Let's say our goodbyes
To our friends, teachers, classmates
With a teary smile