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Ingrid Michaelson is the kind of artist that makes you think "Wait, she seems familiar. Have I heard her before?" Maybe that's due to having heard her successful song, The Way I Am, which was released in a while back ago in 2007. Or maybe that's due to Parachute, made famous by Cheryl Cole but co-written by Michaelson. With 6 studio albums plus a bunch of awesome songs/collaborations under her belt, it's likely you've heard a few of her songs before.

It's such a shame I haven't really gotten into her music until now. I can't say that she has an extremely unique voice but her strengths lie elsewhere. When I first listened to Lights Out, it made me second guess that there was only one artist singing all those songs. Of course excluding the featured artists. I quickly realized how strong and polished her control and technique are. She really is an experienced singer.

Artists, ranging from Mat Kearney to A Great Big World, are featured in this album. It's pretty cool she also collaborated with her husband, Greg Laswell. And if I didn't emphasize on how amazing her singing skill is, it's pretty noticeable when she sings with another artist. She adapts to each artist, showcasing her versatility and range.

The true beauty of the album lies in the songwriting. Each song is so beautiful, so moving. Each draws the listener into a different story, a different mood. Like how you instantly feel safe and comfortable when you listen to Home. Or how you feel nervous and excited in Wonderful Unknown. It's rare to experience so many feelings in one album. I highly recommend you listen to Lights Out.

Honestly, it'll knock your lights out.

Song that got me hooked: Girls Chase Boys
One does not simply listen to this song just once. 

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