(Part 1) 10 Albums of 2014 that You Should Probably Listen To

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A continuation of my Singles of 2014 Playlist, however this time around I shall focus on albums. Once again, these are in no particular order. This is a compilation of a few of my favourite  2014 albums, all expressed in haikus.

1. The Bad & The Better by The Ready Set (x)

Mature catchy pop,
Sweet tone, bittersweet lyrics
One solid album


2. Welcome to Jas Vegas by Jasmine 
With beats so catchy
Can't stop shaking my body
In this summer heat

3. Ichi Senshin by Ito Kashitaro

A mask hides his face
The only thing that shines through
are his clean vocals


4. UnChild by Aimer (x)

Epic melodies
Matched with gorgeous vocals and
beautiful lyrics


5. Newton's Apple by Nell (x)

Slowly ascending
Storm of notes leaves you breathless
Subtle aftershock