LAMA // Discovery

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I don't know what to think about the name of this band. Their name makes me think that they're fans of lamas. Oh well, regardless of the reasoning behind the name, it's cute and at least, memorable. LAMA is made of up two ex-members of SUPERCAR and two other members. I've only heard one song from SUPERCAR and that's storywriter. I don't know enough of their material to tell if the two groups have similar sounds. Anyways, the group debuted in 2011 with Nakamura (vocals, guitar), Furukawa (vocals, bass), Tabuchi (guitar, chorus), and Ushio (programming).

I guess you can call them an electropop band but they have this unconventional element to them. They have two vocalists. If I had to compare the female vocals to another artist, it would be chara. They've both got this kind of raspy, sweet voice. The male vocals are smooth and calming but don't really have the same impact. Although I really like how the male and female vocals complement each other.

I would recommend their 2011 album, New! but their 2012 one, Modanica is kind of...meh. They haven't released anything since then.

Song that got me hooked: Fantasty
The other A-side of the single, Cupid, is also excellent. 

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