July '14 Playlist

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With such a large amount of releases this month, I've been busy trying to listen to as many different artists as I can. The material from the artists I usually follow has been great with a few exceptions. Finding new artists to follow always makes me a happy camper.

  1. UnChild by Hiroyuki Sawano ft Aimer
  2. Midnight Sun by Aimer
  3. New! by LAMA
  4. Talking Dreams by Echosmith
  5. LOVE FANTASTIC by Ai Otsuka 
  6. In Technicolor by Jesse McCartney
  7. 1000 Forms of Fear by Sia 

  1. Fantasy/Cupid by LAMA
  2. Unravel by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure
  3. I Hope This Gets to You by The Daylights
  4. Ningen Shikkaku by GOMESS
  5. Brotherhood by Nothing's Carved In Stone
  6. Fantastic by Henry  
  7. Love Searchlight by Kou Shibasaki
  8. Display by Perfume
  9. Ijiwaruna Halo by Perfume
  10. I'm Getting Married by Skull ft Eugene of The SEEYA 
  11. Indestructible by Girls' Generation
  12. Expectation by Girl's Day
  13. Bokura Ni Tsuite by Merengue
  14. Seijitachi by People In The Box
  15. Miracle by Kimbra 
  16. Ole! Oh! by Kimura Kaela
  17. Flower Bloom by Hilchryme
  18. It Was Always You by Maroon 5