Heaven by Rebecca Ferguson // Album Review

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Music is subjective but I like to think there's some music everyone can enjoy. Heaven is one of those special albums, that will surpass time and generations. Rebecca Ferguson has created a great album; it's old school meets contemporary, blues mixed with a bit of modern pop. A blend of different genres to call her own. Her voice has a husky quality and a soulful depth to it. Her lyrics are honest, bringing a fresh and different take on music.

Another thing about this album is how well-rounded it is. There are fun, uplifting songs like Fairytale and Mr. Bright Eyes. Then there are emotional and powerful songs like Nothing's Real but Love. And there are groovy songs you can't help but sing and dance to. Backtrack and Glitter & Gold, for example.

Complex, layered tracks with jazz elements, like Fighting Suspicions, balance out slower, simpler ballads like Teach Me How to Be Loved. Every track is beautiful and deserves a listen except maybe for the live cover of I'll Take Care of You. I don't particularly care for that song or live songs for that matter. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this album thoroughly.

Heaven is an album about relationships and the trials of love. Even a person like myself who lacks experience, gets swept away with the story and feelings behind each song. It goes to show how important it is to sing with emotion. Rebecca may have had her break on X Factor UK and although she didn't win, she's a winner now with this album.

Verdict: Nothing's Real But My Love for Heaven

Recommendation: Shoulder to Shoulder
A truly gorgeous song. I like to lip sync to this song and pretend I have an as amazing voice as hers.


Where to buy: http://www.amazon.com/Heaven-Rebecca-Ferguson/dp/B004PKO8LI