Bryarly, not Brylary

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Bryarly's self-titled album reminded me of two things. First, of Regina Spektor. She definitely has this unique, quirky aspect to her music and the things she does with her voice is, at times, similar. Especially when she hits those high notes. And like Regina, Bryarly uses a good range of vocal effects/techniques. Second, of personality. The most important thing I got out of this album was how much of Bryarly's personality showed through. The combination of music styles is just so diverse, reflective of just the type of person she is. All of her songs sound different and personal. If you watch a couple of her Youtube videos, you'll get an edited, small sense of who she is. This album reminded me that music is an expression of self. Sometimes I forget this because a lot of the music I consume, sounds mass-produced and doesn't give much, if any, sense of individuality at all.

There are times when I just listen to music, and I don't really think much of it. Music becomes the background; it's there but you don't really feel its presence. But the best kind of music gives you an experience; it commands you to feel something. Bryarly's did just that.

I really like Working Steady, and normally my recommendation would consist of one song but the entire album is available for free on Youtube. Why don't you give it a listen?

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