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The high school me would have loved this EP. The me now is a tad disappointed with See More Glass, and that's mostly due to my great exceptions of them.The thing with Galileo Galilei is that they're not the band they used to be. With different members, that's no wonder.

See More Glass is reminiscent of their old sound, though at times, they sound different. Honestly, I'm not sure what their "sound" is anymore. Maybe this is a transition period...

Starting off with Sunny Day, Happy Ending. Not much to say about it except it's good. Mrs. Summer acts as a pretty safe single. Sticks in your head but lacks that extra punch.

Banana Fish's got a beautiful melody. However it suffers from the same issues in the Kazuki Remix of Nemuri no Mori. Aimer's voice is just overpowering and the backtrack just slightly. You can't really hear Yuuki at all. It should be renamed Banana Fish no Hamabe to Kuroi Nijii featuring Aimer with Yuuki in the Background. 

Shin Ainaru Kimi e sounds like 3 different songs combined into one. I thought one song had ended and another had started without realizing that it was one song. 13 minutes may seem pretty crazy but its length and production is deliberate. This way, the song feels like a story and this format shows the audience different chapters of the same story.

Overall, I think this EP is a step in the right direction for them. It definitely left more of an impression than their last album, Alarms; however it's not a big enough impression to make a lasting impact. Even though I like Galileo Galilei well enough and they do have a couple of excellent tracks, I'm not sure where I stand with them anymore.

Recommended Song: Banana Fish no Hamabe to Kuroi Nijii with Aimer

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