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Struggling with motivation to write a review or talk about a musical discovery, I've decided to construct a new series where I talk about bands that I want to introduce the world to. And one of the first bands that came to mind was Marble Sounds.

Marble Sounds may not be that well known but boy, are they fan-freaking-tastic! I've been listening to them for a while and no one I know, knows them. It's really a shame because their music is calming and thoughtful and interesting.

Hailing from Belgium, the band is made up of Pieter Van Dessel (Vo, Guit, Keys), Gianni Marzo (Guit, Voc) Frederik Bastiaensen (Ba) Mattijs Vanderleen (Dr) Brecht Plasschaert (Keyb). They label themselves as pop, though they definitely have an indie/folk kind of feel to them. Their albums (the two that I've listened to so far- Dear Me, Look Up and Nice is Good) are very well put together and feel complete which these days I find rare to find. They have an alluring style that kind of grows on you the more you listen to them. It's great music to just put on while on a drive or just in the background while you do chores. Pieter has a such a calm, collected voice and it fits perfectly with the laid-back musical style Marble Sounds has got going on.

Plus with a new album coming out next year, now is the perfect time to become familiar with their older songs in preparation for newer ones. My first exposure to them was the song, Dance Clarence Dance however Smoking Was a Day Job and Leave a Light On also come to mind when coming up with recommendations.

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