June/July '16 Playlist

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Finally! I'm getting back to the swing of things. It's a funny feeling: getting back to what you're used to. Back in Canada, I would actively search for new artists to listen to. Ever since I moved to Japan, namely Tokyo, I haven't been consuming Japanese music as much as I used to. I don't have the energy to. Work and moving has had me burnt out. Even though it seems like I've made some progress, something doesn't feel right. It feels harder to find an artist or band whose music, whose art burns a mark on my soul. There's a void not being filled. That's how I've been feeling lately.

Though things are about to change.

  1. New Generation by Ame no Parade
  1. Feel Good by Kidori Kidori
  2. Seikatsu by Wakareno Kana
  1. A Soliloquy of The Boy who Cried Wolf by  sasakure.UK ft.  Cana from Sotte Bosse
  2. H.O.L.Y. by Florida Georgia Line
  3. Love, Love. by Big Brain
  4. New by AAA
  5. New World Coming by DiSA
  6. Your Love is a Song by Switchfoot
  7. Natsu no Owari by Moriyama Naotaro
  8. insane dream/us by Aimer
  9. Chou Chou Musubi by Aimer
  10. ninelie by Aimer
  11. The sun is not done by GOTCH
  12. Do It by Mop of Head ft. Ucary & The Valentine
  13. Sentimental Sister by Yonige
  14. Heartbeat by Fukurouzu
  15. Waraeru You Ni by DENPA Girl
  16. Not Easy by Cosmsos People 
  17. Cello by Turntable Films
  18. The Sun is Not Down by Goth 
  19. sunrisemoon by BIGNOUN
  20. Uroko by Hata Matahiro
  21. Come Back by Yuna