Album Review // Feel by Namie Amuro

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After listening to Namie Amuro's amazing Feel album (which was released last year), I think she should be called Queen of Jpop. This album is just that good. I've listened to some of Namie's songs before but I cannot remember a single thing about them. Either I wasn't properly paying attention or nothing stuck out to me. But this album, every song was distinct and memorable even Supernatural Love, which I don't particularly enjoy. The album's flow was consistent, so was the overall tone and mood. The production team and other staff did a fantastic job there.

Namie's voice isn't one I typically reach out for. She has quite deep but clean vocals. Her good voice control really stands out and makes great contrast against the electronic sounds. I also think the structure of the album was well put together. I tend to listen to albums in the opposite order (last song first), just due to the way my itunes is laid out. Whether you listen to Feel in the way it was meant to be listened to or whether you listen to Feel in a different ordering, it still is very enjoyable.

The cover design is beautiful and the black and white scheme makes her make up  stand out more. I think the cover's based on the 3 wise monkeys or something along the lines of that. It's a cool concept.

If you don't try to listen to this album, Big Boys Will Cry.

Favourite Song: Rainbow
I love this song so much, it was on repeat for a couple of days. Stardust in My Eyes gets an honourable mention for its beautiful lyrics.