Let's Jump Right In!

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I don't dabble into Country as much as I should but when every time I do, it's always a pleasant surprise. It's no exception when it comes to Dallas Smith.

Dallas Smith is a Canadian Country singer and his first solo album, Jumped Right In, was nominated for a Juno Award. This album was released under 604, which is the production company owed by Chad Kroeger aka Vocalist of Nickelback.

I can't really tell male country voices apart and I think this is due to my lack of exposure to Country Music. Despite that, I really enjoyed Dallas' voice. It's silky at some points and rough at others. He has great vocal control and it stood out against the strong accompaniments. The songs were all upbeat, even the only ballad in the album "Never Saw Goodbye", and they all made me feel more cheerful. It's the perfect album for a beautiful sunny day.

It is pretty hard to decide on a favourite track because all of the songs are quality and have their own unique charms. I particularly enjoy If It Gets You Where You Wanna though Somebody Somewhere was the first song that got me hooked so it holds a special place in my heart. If you listen to it, maybe you will get hooked too!

Somebody Somewhere should be listening to this amazing album.

Favourite Track: Somebody Somewhere