Newton's Apple

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Nell's a K-rock/indie/alternative band and they are awesome. Their last album, Slip Away was a masterpiece and I was kind of worried if they would be able to put out an album of the same caliber. Rest assured, their latest album, Newton's Apple is fantastic. I should really give more credit to Nell, they provide beautiful musical experiences one after another. I tend not to follow their singles too much, so I came into this album only knowing a couple songs on the second disc.

This album starts off with a strong instrumental and then goes a bit downhill after Track 7 but quickly gets back on its feet. The instrumental was a great way to begin, showing their strength in making awesome lyric-less music. As much as I love Jong-Wan's amazing voice, the songs are as strong as they are because of the accompaniments. I think Nell really succeeded in continuing to create their own sound in this album. They experimented here and there in the past but I don't think their musical style has been as clear and distinct as it is now.

There's a song called Newton's Apple aka Track 7 and the funny thing is I don't like it. The autotune just doesn't work well with the music, at least for me. It made the song feel unnecessary long and takes away from his voice. One more thing, the second disc is a compilation of two of their EPs, Escaping Gravity and Holding onto Gravity. I haven't really seen another artist combine their EPs in their albums. So you get more of your money's worth if you just buy this album.

Don't forget to keep in mind that this is one long album with 21 songs, totaling one and a half hours! But each disc has its distinct beginning and end, so it feels like two musical experiences instead of one.

Favourite Track: Decompose 
Even though I love the song without vocals the most, all of the other songs are exceptional and deserve lots of love (except for Newton's Apple). 

Recommended Track: White Night

Since my favourite track might not convince you, I went through the trouble deciding which track to recommend. There's too many to choose from! (Fantasy, Holding onto Gravity, Dear Genovese, just to name a few). 

Verdict: Nell continues to impress, bringing a bit of Sunshine to everyone's life.