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This was an album I listened to last month but didn't get around to reviewing it. I never heard of the group, FACT before going into their 2014 album, WITNESS, so I came into this album with clean ears and no expectations. I did enjoy this album very much though as they incorporated many interesting and refreshing elements. Overall, I'm not sure I would call myself an avid fan but I'll definitely look out for their singles in the future.

FACT is a rock/punk band with a splash of metal and dash of pop. They've been around since 1999 and are composed of 6 members. Random fact: they used to be part of Vagrant Records, home of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.  Another random fact: all of the members sing (5 members do back vocals and play instruments).

I found them to be reminiscent of Orange Range since there's that catchy pop  aspect and they're a band with a focus on male group vocals. The songs, witness, veil, and miles away, had that pop melody aspect and therefore were really catchy. Other songs like 2-1, introduced really cool and different elements like techno and dubstep, which I may have misidentified (I get my music genres wrong often). I thought ape was the most interesting song because a particular vocal style was really interesting and I can only describe it as a sort of growling/deep humming. That song had a great combination of screaming, growling, and clean singing.

Favourite Track: miles away
Ape is really a close second but if I were to chose a song I have to listen over and over again, miles away wins. The effects used in the PV, were pretty awesome. 

Official Site: http://factjapan.com/
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FACTofficialchannel