Got High Hopes for Bruce Springsteen

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                          He's a rock legend and yet I've never really got around to listening any of his albums. High Hopes is Bruce Springsteen's 18th album, and a cover album at that. It was released earlier this year and sold really well in various charts.

My favourite song is American Skin (41 shots). When I first heard the lyrics "Is it a gun?", my mind raced towards the shooting where police shot a man because they thought he had a gun, but in actuality, he was only holding a wallet. Then I did some research, and the song was indeed about the death of Amadou Diallo. The lyrics are so moving, and the chorus is downright catchy. Even though it's about 7 minutes long (the longest song in the album), I found myself wanting it to last longer. In contrast, I thought High Hopes was too long. It would be nice if it was shortened.

I really enjoyed High Hopes a lot, mostly because the songs were pleasant to the ears and the album flowed quite smoothly but also because I associate one of the songs, American Skin (41 shots) with a sad memory. I was watching the Good Wife and one of the main characters died. So while I was crying my eyes out, I consoled myself by listening to this song. It's funny how a song can make you feel better.
Despite the fact that I liked the album, I don't really remember most of the songs. There are only a couple that stick out beside the ones mentioned above. The buildup in Down in the Hole was fantastic and I love the strings and production in Hunter of the Invisible Game. I don't have much experience with Springsteen but I'm really excited to hear more from him.