Blogger's Comment System Has Made My Life Difficult

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I spent an hour or two trying to reply to a comment. Well, for one thing, it was the first time anyone commented, so a lot of excitement is expected. For another thing, no matter what I did -editing the hmtl or changing the settings a million times- I still for the love of chocolate donuts, could not reply. I don't know why I referred to chocolate donuts; probably it's a combination of being frustrated at the current Blogger comment system, wanting to eat something sweet, and a lack of sleep.

Long story short, I opted to set a new commenting system, Disqus which is easy and simple and actually allows people to reply to messages. But I would like to thank Cassandra. She left a really nice message on my Unravel Review and since I adopted a new system, it won't appear so I have to reply to her here.

Her message:
Hi! I really think you described the Unravel single perfectly. I included a link to your blog and review on my anime entertainment related blog, The Huge Anime Fan via wordpress. Thanks for writing this impressive review.
My response:
Hi! Thank you for your sweet comment and free promo! It really means a lot. I checked out your blog and I think it's awesome. It goes without saying I'm a huge anime/manga fan myself. I'm happy to find another blog to follow.