Ykiki Beat // Discovery

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It's been a while since I found a song that I could just put on repeat for hours. After hearing the first 10 seconds, I knew that this band was good. Then the vocals came on and I knew this band was better than good. Ykiki Beat is a 5 piece, indie band formed in 2012. We've got Nobuki Akiyama on Vocal and Guitar, Kohei Kamoto on Guitar, Koki Nozue on Synth, Yotaro Kachi on bass, and Mizuki Sekiguichi on Drums. They've released a couple of songs before, two have been included in compilation albums. They are currently not signed with any record label.

Forever is their first "big" release; there's an amazing pv available on their youtube channel. It's my favourite kind of pv where the members just play. Simple but effectively entertaining. The song is ridiculously catchy, the backtrack hypnotic, the lyrics meaningful. Not to mention British accents are always an excellent addition. I really like two parts of the lyrics, which goes like:
 There's a fear in love, A fear in loving you, And the fear is love?
and like this:
There is a cage we're living in. There is a rage we're living out in this game.

Song that got me hooked: Forever
I might as well as listen to this forever.

Official Site: http://ykikibeat.tumblr.com/ 
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC__7KT_An7yLCLew3ByqDvw