Dare Ka, Umi Wo by Aimer // EP Review

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Aimer has been releasing a ridiculous amount of stuff this year, spoiling fans everywhere. I am not worthy of such happiness. Like all of her other releases this year, the album art is stunningly gorgeous and there is a mix between good songs and not-so-good songs. Dare Ka, Umi Wo is the ending theme for the anime, Zankyou no Terror and it's important to note the theme of the EP centralizes around this. All of the songs have a dark tone to them, some more subtle than others.

Yoko Kanno, a music powerhouse, composed music for the show, so it's only fitting she create the ending theme as well. Dare Ka, Umi Wo's got a creepy, melancholic feel to it, perfect in context of the anime. This song is a great addition to Aimer's discography because it showcases a side of her, fans have never heard before. And although it's not her typical sound, it does contain familiar instrumental and vocal elements.

The EP continues with Hakuchuumu (Daydream) and what a way to continue. I absolutely adore this song. I love how some parts of the song sound sombre but the overall feeling I get from the song is uplifting. For Lonely, featuring Abe Mao, is the best collaboration song on the entire EP. Their voices blend so well together, though I, being the biased fan that I am- would argue Aimer kind of outshines her. But that doesn't really matter because the song is just so catchy and lovely.

However, the EP goes downhill with the Kazuki Remix of Nemuri no Mori. You can barely hear Yuuki Ozaki's voice. The beginning sounds fantastic with the simple backtrack and addition of marching drums. But then comes along the generic electronic instrumental. It's distracting and mismatching. The Ryu Nagano Remix of Cold Sun, on the other hand, is interesting and calming.

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