I Don't Like Mondays // Discovery

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People in general, just don't like Mondays. So why not base your band's name off of this (almost) given fact of life? It's a sure-fire way to get attention or at least, acts as a great conversation starter. There's something enticing about the idea of bonding with strangers and sharing a mutual hatred over Mondays.

I Don't Like Mondays is a Japanese band, formed in 2012. Currently signed on with Nippon Columbia, their debut mini album, Play, will come out pretty soon. Like 1 day soon. There are four members: Yu (Vocals), Choji (Guitar), Kenji (Bass), and Shuki (Drums). They composed and wrote lyrics for all of their songs on Play. Production and arrangement was also done by them and Kei Kawano, an established big name in the music industry. Apparently, their objective is to create music for Tokyo's "it" girls and their motto is "BE PLAY BOY"... I'm not sure if they're sending out the right message but I'm sure people, regardless of gender, can enjoy the groovy, catchy tunes of I Don't Like Mondays.

One last thing, guess what their fans are called? ...Friday Lovers.

IDLMS' Official Site //  Youtube