I don't want Music to just be Sound

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A small tribute for all the music that has inspired me. 
I thought of this poem while I was trying to sleep, listening to Marble Sounds but Nell's Green Nocturne seems more a more fitting accompaniment to this poem. 

I don't want music to just be sound
A repetitive vibration, a slight hum or audible displacement

I want music to be Expression
Feelings of despair and regret and sadness
Feelings of the utmost joy and celebration
Feelings of frustration and relief and panic and calmness

I want music to be Thoughts
To question why things are the way they are,
            To ponder about the universe and its great vastness,
                          To understand others and along the way myself

I want music to be Memories
Back to the first listen               Forward to the last
Through the times I tried               Through the times I didn't
To the people I met and lost                 To those I will never cross paths with

I don't want Music to just be sound when it can be so much more.
                               The strumming of the guitar, kicking of the peddle or pressing of a key
                 isn't just sound, It is the
Strumming of heartstrings, kicking down systematic barriers, and pressing of bodies in an embrace

I don't want Music to just be sound
When it is so much more.