Wild Cub // Discovery

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Sometimes you just know how good a band is by one listen. It's an exception when a band achieves this and I feel like Wild Cub is one of those few exceptions. Their sound is a fresh take on Indie but still accessible to pop ears. Repetitive chords, sincere lyrics, and foot-tapping, rousing beats.

Their back story, in short, involves a group of five people bonding over music in a custom-built studio in Nashville. With Keegan DeWitt (Voc/Gtr), Jeremy Bullock (Gtr, Synth), Dabney Morris (Drms), Harry West (Bass), and Eric Wilson (Keys/Synth), Wild Cub was born.

DeWitt previously worked in film composition industry and WC's sound manifests aspects of his past works. The subtle yet powerful undertones is reminiscent of film soundtracks -drawing and shifting focus to the music and the scene at carefully planned times. To better describe this, when I first heard Lies, I was shopping in a store. Once the song came on, I immediately stopped and paused to give my full attention to the song, as if the music commanded me to do so. I felt love and passion from the melody. Then as the music progressed, my focus faded as the melody became repetitive and I continued on with my life.

This is what I love about music; it has the power to fascinate people to the point where they are unable to do anything else and the power to shape any moment into something special. WC aspires their work to be "auditory memories", songs that will remind you of experiences you once had, will have, and might never have.

Song that got me hooked: Thunder Clatter

Official Website: http://wildcubmusic.com/
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsDciPV8LVaFfsvehE6rWJg