Suck a Stew Dry // Discovery

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After a certain amount of consuming Japanese music you reach a point where no name -no matter how weird it sounds or means in English, will phase you. At this time in my decade or more Japanese music fan career, I can only praise this band for at least not wasting their food. Get it? Since their name is Suck a Stew Dry. I'll stop with my lame jokes.

Suck a Stew Dry seems to be the kind of band, formed on mere coincidence, a decision which at the time, seemed very lighthearted. In 2010,Kikuchi (guitar) invited Shinoyama, the now vocalist, to form a band together. Before Shino was walking aimlessly in life without any dreams, so it appears that the simple invitation led to something pretty great. Later joined includes Fusetatsu Aki on guitar, Suda Yuuki on bass, and Itabashi Hirochika on drums. A year after, they had their debut with their mini album, Ningen Asobi and to date, they have released several mini albums/eps and one complete album. 

In addition to their excellent discography, their album art is adorable. All the members are drawn as cats! It seems like even I could do that on Microsoft Paint. To the management of Suck a Stew Dry: Please consider hiring me for your next work.

I apologize for any mistakes regarding the band's info as my Japanese is not the greatest and Google translate can only do so much.

Song that got me hooked: Bokura no Jibun Sensou

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