Fragments from the Chandelier

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I don't write many analyses of songs because they can very emotionally draining. Especially so if I connect to the story of the song. I usually don't paid too much attention to the lyrics of a song, either be it in English or Japanese or any other language for that matter. So, it's rare for a set of lyrics to pique my interest or stir something inside of me. In reality, I just let the melody and energy of the music take control of my mood, not the words. Which might be why, I have such a hard time remembering lyrics even if I've listened to the song over hundreds of times.

When I heard Chandelier for the first time, I thought it was a good song but other than that, didn't think much of it. For one thing, Sia blurs the pronunciation from one word to the next, forcing me to pay extra attention to her enunciation. And for another, the song was excessively overplayed on the radio.

I'm unsure if this is based on Sia's real experiences or told through someone's eyes. I didn't do any research before to keep my experience relatively unbiased.

From what I've gathered the only way the protagonist can feel alive is by doing crazy things like swinging from the chandelier. Because doing these things makes her feel a rush, an adrenaline daily life and constant partying has failed to give her. In a literal sense, she is holding onto dear life because if she falls from the chandelier, she will fall to her death. In a metaphorical sense, she is holding onto dear life because her mind has reached its limit. If she continues to do exciting, dangerous activities, she won't succumb to her darkest thoughts. She won't be bored. Although it feels like whatever the protagonist does, she's in a situation of distress.

One word sums up how I've feeling after listening to this song over and over again...