Sitting in Silence

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This piece was inspired by Twenty One Pilots' song, Car Radio. It's a song about how the car radio gets stolen, leaving the character with nothing but silence. Silence to face his thoughts. It isn't just a musical piece, it is a reflection of life. How silence replaces the distraction music provides. How silence offers time to think about life and other things. A chance to gain awareness of one's existence. But becoming aware of one's existence brings about internal crises, crippling fear, and questions about the universe and reality itself. 

One of the many reasons, but possibly the most influential reason as to why I listen to music is ultimately distraction. When I'm listening to something, I don't really have to pay attention to the stress that's accumulating in my head, or the boredom from everyday routine, or the problems that I will eventually have to face. In the moment, it's just the music and whatever the music is telling me to feel. Maybe that's why I practically listen to music every chance I get. 

Before I wake, before I sleep, during the day. 

Distraction isn't always a good thing; I'm not facing reality for one thing, just pushing it in the background for the time being. I think it's a good thing to have silence sometimes, to have some time to collect your thoughts. And of course, there are moments when I'm listening to music and gradually the music fades into the background and my attention shifts to the here and now.

I love noise, love the distraction and relief it provides. 

I dislike silence, dislike the way silence turns my thoughts into screams and shouts.  

I guess, it's not really silence in that sense.