Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots // Album Review

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I'll get straight to it...This album is less than stellar. It pains me to say that as I consider Vessel to be one of best albums out there. Subjectively, their music may not be everyone's cup of tea but objectively, their lyrics and the emotions their songs evoke are unparallel and second to none.

Blurryface didn't make me think. It didn't make me want to curl up and cry. It didn't make me just sit for an hour, dazed and trying to take in what I just listened to. It just made me think "Huh? That was good. But did I really feel anything?"

Blurryface scratches the surface of what TOP has to offer. I don't want to call this album commercial or anything because it still is very original and integrally artistic. The lyrics are still very clever despite the lack of heart wrench and emptiness and external crises elicited. There are snippets in the instrumental where I can catch faint whiffs of Vessel. Though, overall it's not as powerful and at times, so generic I want to cringe. However this isn't a big deal to me as I never went to TOP for how good their backtrack was, I went to them for their introspective lyrics. I don't want to call this album commercial but I will. It's commercial, regrettably. And essentially that's not a bad thing, honestly. Tracks like Fairly Local, work well with the commercial element while other ones like Doubt don't really. It's just a matter of taste. Because I've loved their past albums so much, I hold their standard higher than what Blurryface has to offer. Going into this without any prior history with past albums might help the musical experience.

This is a confusing album. I like it but know it could be so much better. I guess this is a confusing time in TOP's career. After the success of Vessel, what comes after? To keep experiment with their music and put out something risky but remains true to their artistic integrity? Or to release music they know will sell?  Asking if they can do both simultaneously is a rhetorical question. If they can achieve both with Vessel, they can do it again.

"Honest, there's a few songs on this record that feel common
I'm in constant confrontation with what I want and what is poppin' in the industry
 It seems to me that singles on the radio are currency
My creativity's only free when I'm playing shows"                                                               -Lane Boy by Twenty One Pilots
This is one mess of a review. Well if you remove that I'm still working on my writing skills, you could probably blame that this album was all over the place. This part was good but this part wasn't. This lyric tug at my heart but that one didn't. This song was great but the following one wasn't. Though I will say there are a couple of real treasures worth examining: Heavydirtysoul, Fairly Local, and Tear in My Heart. Not entirely impressed by this album but looking forward to more from one of the greatest duos in the music industry.

Recommended Track: Tear in My Heart

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