Jul '15 Playlist

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Been so busy trying to get settled in Japan that this blog has been a bit neglected. I want to review DAWN so badly but it'll have to wait. All I can say is how freaking amazing it is. Speaking of awesome music, SOUL'd OUT is another group (which is unfortunately disbanded now) I found out about this month. Curtain Call is what I'd call my jam, because damn! Also, Page Four debuted with a quintessential summery pop song that's been stuck in my head.

  1. To From by SOUL'd OUT
  2. COVERMIND by fox capture plan

  1. Room 93 by Halsey

  1. Curtain Call by SOUL'd OUT
  2. Akari by MAGIC FEELING
  3. Sommer by Page Four
  4. Boyfriend -A.S.A.P.- by Faint Star
  5. Hold Me Down by Halsey
  6. New Americana by Halsey
  7. 1hundredknight:M by Sawano Hiroyuki
Rec of the Month: Sommer by Page Four