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 The weird and sad thing about me is that despite moving to another country and being offered the chance to go to lives and find new artists and all that jazz, I haven't truly experienced any of that. Most days, I'm so tired after work that I just go home and even when I don't have work, I just want to curl up at home and surf the net. It's kind of a waste when there is so much music to experience out there. And here I am, at home, writing a post about another band I discovered the past month.

Magic Man, contrary to my unexciting life, is an electronic pop duo who memorializes the wondrous adventures life offers into something tangible and eternal, music. After a bit of shuffling in their group members, Magic Man has reverted back to its original members: Alex Caplow and Sam Lee.
Still relatively young (only 5 years in the making!), their discography includes two albums and one EP. And even though I've only tasted a sample of what they have to offer, I can tell already that they are honestly great. Their lyrics are symbolic yet straightforward; their song titles, interesting yet familiar. Their songs are upbeat and vibrant. I could feel energy bubbling through my veins and images emerging in my mind while listening to their album, Before the Waves. Give them a listen, I'm sure they'll brighten up your day and help with your productivity before the waves of procrastination and idle time come crashing in.

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