This is (Not) a Review of Aimer's DAWN Concert

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Showa Women's University - The Venue After Everyone Entered (Minus Me)
Like the title says, this isn't a review of Aimer's DAWN concert in Tokyo. It's basically a sad and pathetic story about me complaining how I didn't get tickets. So buckle up, kids! It's going to be one heck of a rant ride.

First, as most know, Aimer created her fanclub called Blanc et Noir, accepting membership starting from July 28, 2015. This club is for only mobile users in Japan. It costs 324 yen a month and it provides access to radio clips, artwork gallery, handwritten lyric snapshots, tour diary, tour videos, and so on. But most importantly, it allows you to ballot for tickets. When Aimer announced her DAWN tour, there were separate dates for fan club members and general public to buy, with priority given to members.

Me, being the cheapie that I am, thought I could just buy tickets on the day it was released to the public. Boy, was I wrong! You could start buying the tickets at 10; however I ended waiting to 10:30 to start buying. By then, it was all SOLD OUT. I suspect it was sold out before the general public even got a chance to them and even if it wasn't, the available tickets must have been limited.

Blurry Picture of  Notice Board 
Aimer had 2 dates in Tokyo: Nov 1st and 3rd. So even though I didn't get tickets, I decided to go on the 1st. I went thinking I could just buy goods as artists often sell goods to non-ticket holders. This was not the case, only ticket holders could buy goods. The pre-sale was open to the public before the show started and so I could only buy goods if I came again on the 3rd. Well, due to work, I wasn't able to go on the 3rd. In the end, I went home with empty hands and an empty heart.

What's worse, when I asked one of the staff about the situation. He got my hopes up and said I was allowed to buy a ticket for the show that night. Then he got a message on the intercom saying he wasn't allowed to do that and if you could see the look on my face...I never in my life, changed from a smile to frown so fast.

That night, when I returned home, I listened to DAWN once again and thought I would cry because of the frustration. Even though my levels of frustration were above the roof, the tears wouldn't fall down. Instead, I became even more determined to see Aimer in concert for at least once in my lifetime. The magic of lives is incomparable to listening to a CD. The work that goes into the shows, how the venue displays and set list are decided, and just the overall atmosphere while being in the presence of fellow fans is something special that I want to experience while I still have the opportunity to do so.

The moral of the story is go join a fanclub (it'll better your chances at getting tickets), do your research (whether or not goods are sold to the public), and believe in your love for a certain artist (if you really want to go to a live, keep trying and don't give up)!

As for me, if you really want to know, I did ended up joining Blanc et Noir.