Oct '15 Playlist

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Stressful is one word that sums up October. Moving in itself causes a lot of stress but moving to another country causes totally different level of stress. Music seems to relax me and keep my mind off things. This month, I've been loving a whole range of music from OOR's album 35xxxv to Maria Nishiuchi's newest single, Save Me (which really gives me Hurts vibes for some odd reason).

  1. Into the Blue Again by The Album Leaf
  1. Chaotic Vibes Orchestra by Pierre Nakano from LTS
  2. Rise Vol 2 by TaeYang
  1. Touch Me by Avicii
  2. Good Goodbye by One Ok Rock
  3. Withdrawal by Max Frost
  4. Holiday by Happiness
  5. Love Song by Golden State ft Holly Conlan
  6. Slow Motion by Little Red
  7. Never Let You Go by Colbie Calliat
  8. Kokoro no Katachi ~Another Story~ by Ieiri Leo
  9. Fight the Night by One Ok Rock 
  10. Peanut Butter Jelly by Galantis
  11. Hold Each Other by A Great Big World
  12. Moment by Tove Lo
  13. Rose Gold by Pentatonix
  14. Save Me by Maria Nishiuchi