Dec '15 Playlist

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I am quite disappointed at myself. I haven't been blogging regularly (not that I've ever had a normal schedule to begin with) and I haven't been finding any new music that I really, really, really like. Most of the bands I've been listening to are ones I already know. However when I look back, I realize that I did find some great bands. I guess I'm just not satisfied yet...will I ever be?

That aside, B'z has created one of my favourite Christmas songs and there's a terrific English cover by Eric Martin. Give it a listen! I would link it here but there's no "official" verison. One of the most frustrating things for international fans is region-locking. Why can't companies realize that this is limiting the potential of artists?! If anything, I hope this will change in 2016.

  1. Know-It-All by Alessia Cara
  2. The Best of Keane by Keane


  1. Itsuka no Merry Christmas by B'z
  2. Umi no Koe by Kenta Kiritani