Aimer DAWN Haul

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Some might remember my disappointment in Aimer's Concert. No goods, no tickets, no luck. However, it seems that for some reason, some person at Aimer's management finally decided to open an online store. About time! It was quite strange that it took so long for them to set up shop. I'm glad they did though. Now I can get DAWN items and dress as if I actually went to the concert...

I decided to get a black t-shirt (3000 yen) and a handkerchief (1500 yen). The prices are reasonable, considering what concert goods usually cost. Shipping was an extra 650 yen and there were other small fees regarding paying at the convenience store (about 200 yen) or being able to pay at the door (324 yen). I opted for the COD and the total came to about 5500 yen. 

I thought I'd share some pics, so you can get an idea of what the goods really look like. First, the handkerchief! It has a lovely design at the top left. The stitching isn't all that great, with loose threads here and there. The material is somewhat opaque. When folded, the cloth can fit nicely in my hand. Please ignore how awful the folds and wrinkles stand out.   

Next, the t-shirt! I'm not too fond of the design because it looks a bit too messy with the stars overcrowding the dawn lit sky. On the contrary, I like how shiny it is and how well silver contrasts against the dark background. Tour dates and locations are listed on the back. However the font is printed very delicately so it feels like it will wear off within a few washes. Another thing to add is that the sleeves are fitted. Regarding Japanese sizes, I would recommend going up one or two sizes. My usual size is a Medium but I ordered XL. The t-shirt was a comfortable, semi-loose fit on me. I was going to buy the white t-shirt as well but the material seems really thin and see-through and the gold design didn't look as contrasting as the silver one, so black was just the easier choice. 


Buy the Goods at Aimer's 

On a side note: Trying to blog more frequently as I feel the need to be more proactive. Work may drain most of my energy. Hopefully writing will help re-energize me! Look forward to future posts!