The Tragic Thrills // Discovery

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This might be a little embarrassing but back in the day, I was a huge fan of Allstar Weekend, this "disney" band that made poprock songs for the masses. They weren't all that famous to be frank and they did evolve into a more mature pop sound through their album, All The Way. But I love their music regardless of its commercial value or not. It's just fun, catchy and generally well-produced. Admittedly, I had fallen out of the loop during the period when they broke up and two of the original members created a new band. So fast forward a couple years into a very boring weekday evening and a random urge appears to follow up on the band, leading to my discovery of The Tragic Thrills. 

The Tragic Thrills is pop rock at its core with layers and layers of indie and folk. Not surprising considering they went from a major debut to a self-funded release. Literally talk about working backwards. Well, to each their own. It takes guts to break free from corporate binds and gamble on this new adventure, actually putting content that actually means something to them. Their content is polished and unpolished. It's like professionals putting out amateur works. They have all the skills, production and mixing experience from working years in the business. And yet there's this poetic, rough pureness which screams talent and energy. They put out these creative works you'd think just came from some talented kid nobody's heard of. In reality, they're these professionals who just want to make content they really care about and just took about the long road in doing it.

I love the way they describe their own music, so much in fact I'm taking a quote from their website's bio.
The Tragic Thrills debut is sublimely modern with skyward, atmospheric anthemics tastefully balanced by poignant and quaint touches like stately cello, crystalline piano, and shimmering guitars. 
How beautiful is that description. Give their music a listen, it's beautiful too.

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