Galileo Galilei's Goodbye Message (1/25/2016) // Eng Translation

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For those who have loved us,

We, as of the release of our 4th album, Sea and The Darkness on the 27th of this month and our upcoming spring tour beginning in March, have decided to put an end to Galileo Galilei.

The three of us started playing music in our teens in a small garage in Wakkanai, Hokkaido. In a sense, it felt like playing a game with friends. 
This “game” became a band called Galileo Galilei and took us on a journey to where we are now. 
While being confused with our sudden success and searching for our sound, our uncertain paths began to transform into something definite.*
Within these many wonderful years, the music that started out for fun, became something irreplaceable- something we bet our entire lives on without much realization.**

Looking back, what the band “Galileo Galilei” meant to us might have been something like a “toy car”, which we played lovingly with in our childhoods.
But, this “toy car” wouldn’t leave the lawn. 
We just wanted to see where the concrete road ahead would take us. 
And now as adults, we decided to get off of this “toy car” we love so much.
As you all know, we’re not very good with words, but all of our feelings were put into our last album, Sea and The Darkness.  
We would be happy if this album moved you in any way.

As of now, nothing has been decided yet but believe that eventually we will deliver good news.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the lives.

January 25, 2016
Galileo Galilei

Translator's Note: Original Message can be found here, on Galileo Galilei's website. This is my first real translation, so there will be mistakes. Hopefully the overall message will get through. I tried to keep it as what the band has intended to express. Even the spacing and formatting is the same! I hope this final goodbye will reach those of you who have given any sort of support or love to such a wonderful band. 

*「...ぼんやりしていた僕たちの人生は、意義のあるものに変わっていきました。can also be more translated into "our ambiguous lives become something of significance".

**「...遊びで始めた音楽が、いつのまにか人生すべてを賭けて極めたいと思えるような、かけがえのないものになっていたのです。」can also be interpreted in as "the music that started out as something for fun, has become something irreplaceable, something we, without realizing, put our everything into".