Mar '16 Playlist

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It kind of sucks that I've not been able to update this blog as much lately despite the fact that I'm actually now going to as many lives as I possibly can. Within March and April, I'm planning to attend at least five, which I had to cut down on due to limits such as my wallet not being big enough. In fact, I went to the Tomofuni Tanizawa and Twenty One Pilots live. And yet, I haven't written a review for either! Besides that I don't have the same funds as say, an ATM, I have been pretty busy with other things. Mainly, being a writer for AramaJapan!

I'm still kind of shocked that I'm writing for an online news site after being a reader for quite some time. First off, I'm not entirely sure my schedule can fit this but I was kind of in a rut near the end of last of year and felt that a change was needed. I simply want to challenge myself. MKNB has always been my comfort zone, I write when I want about what I want. However when you write for a news site, there will always be a quota and other restrictions. So it'll be tough trying to balance between both sites.

Anyways, enough of the babbling! Onward towards the playlist! I'm still really digging LI LI LIMIT and will probably write a different post altogether about why. That said, Hata Motohira has been killing it with his latest single, Sumire. It's such a colourful song perfect for spring and its chorus will stick to you upon first listen. Plus it doesn't help that the choreography is simple enough for me to attempt at it!

  1. Got Love by GOT7
  2. Just Right by GOT7
  3. Etudes by LI LI LIMIT
  1. After The Disco by Broken Bells
  2. Utsukushii no Sa by Base Ball Bear 
  3. Tokyo by Ivy to Fradulent Game
  4. Fais Rien (PETIT BISCUIT Remix) by Moi Je 
  5. Wolves Without Teeth by Of Monsters And Men 
  6. Stolen Dance (Album Version) by Milky Chance
  7. For the Mistakes I've Made by Monkey Majik
  8. Fever by Carly Rae Jepsen  
  9. Fly High!! by BURNOUT SYNDROMES 
  10. Sumire by Hata Motohira 
  11. Lush Life by Zara Larsson
  12. Fly High by GOT7
  13. Always by Yoonmirae
  14. Everytime by Chen of Exo and Punch