Feb '16 Playlist

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I feel so much more productive this month and maybe that's translated into this playlist. I listened to Amp-reflection several times before but not really listened to it. Then one day, I just sat down, closed my eyes, and just truly listened to the album the whole way through. It was glorious. The thing is, sometimes, I just consume sound without stopping to think about the artist's intention. However, sometimes there will come along a song, so captivating and powerful it will be able to immerse you into the world of the artist's. What an amazing feeling it is to be able to explore someone else's mind.

  1. amp-reflection by school food punishment
EPs/Mini Albums:

  1. Real Love by Florrie
  2. Too Young to Remember by Florrie
  3. Fushigi na Yoru by Base Ball Bear 
  4. Yourside by re:plus ft. Sam Ock
  5. Holiday by Tobu & Itro
  6. Speaking by Mrs. GREEN APPLE 
  7. Reverse Day by Halo at Yojohan 
  8. Kamisama no Namida by Akairo no Glitter 
  9. What Side of Love by Parachute
  10. Without You by Parachute 
  11. Two by LEW
  12. greyscale by agraph
  13. sub/objective by Boku no Ririkku no Bouyomi
  14. Don't Move by METAFIVE
  15. Oaiko by Hanaregumi
  16. Mahou by Furukawa Honpo ft. Chomaiyo
  17. Fake by GOMESS
  18. Tokyo by Ame no Parade
  19. Woman Woman by AWOLNATION