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LILI Limit is a five piece rock band from Yamaguichi prefecture. Now based on the other side of the country aka Tokyo, the quintet continue to create awesome music, taking a quirky pop-influenced spin on rock. It's been a while since I felt anything substantial from a band. And I know that I praise a lot of artists here through my discoveries tag but rare is it to find a band whose music continues to make me feel something over an extended period of time. It's easier to find great bands through smaller labels these days as the Japanese music industry is shedding more of the spotlight onto these less well-known labels or rather people are looking for something other than the weekly manufactured single from the latest pop group.

The range of Jyumpei Makino's voice is rather on the higher end and he often stays there for their songs. Clean vocals for the most part, with a slight dry raspiness. However, he doesn't stand out unique. There are many other artists with similar sounding voices. What I do enjoy from them are their compositions. The combination of guitar (Taiyo Doki) , bass (Riyo Kurose) , keyboard (Mika Shimizu) , and drums (Seiji Maruya) isn't new but they make it their own. With rad, upbeat electronic elements and a good range of song structure, LILI LIMIT brings something fresh and modern to a much needed dry and drab table. Granted it's not revolutionary or anything, simply something slightly deviant and interesting.

I particularly like Festa from the album, #apieceofcake. Speaking of which, with a title like that, the album is begging to be promoted on social media. Is it a smart marketing scheme or an insightful reflection about the influences of tagging in today's society? Who knows. Boys eat Noodle is a nice opener and I like how things slow down with lycopene and then continue uphill with morning coffee. Then N_Tower changed the beat by starting off  with groovy, hypnotic hook. nnmnd was promising though the song became a bit too messy and saturated at the end for me. To counterbalance things, in comes seta gaya, a cute track that includes sounds of door-knocking. The album ended uplifting, through the help of vanilla ice claim, which sounds a bit too much like a common j-pop/j-indie track.

In spite of the band being barely 4 years old, their sound is pretty developed and mature. For some bands, it takes a while before finding what their sound truly is. For others, it's set on from the beginning. And for all, it changes over time. LILI LIMITS seems to have a good grip on producing music they set to make from the get go. I like this band and will continue to take a peek at their future releases.

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