Kukikodan // Discovery

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Have you heard of Kukikodan? Maybe? Though most likely not. I didn't even know of this band until recently and I was surprised to have discovered them at all. I had trouble finding much information about them but it seems like they did the opening number for an anime called Aoi Hana.

The band isn't that well-known. Although one look at their discography and you too would be surprised at how extensive it is. Since 1997, the trio have released music on a consistent basis. That's almost two decades ago! That's a relatively long lifespan for a band these days and pretty rare to see one do substantially well. I think that's what surprised me the most about them.

Kukikodan has kept two thirds of its original members: Yamazaki Yukari (Vo) and Togawa Yoshiyuki (Gt, Ba). In 2006 joined in Wataru Kubota (Key). The trio have a soft and clean sound, imagine a very relaxed every little thing.  They like creating songs stripped down to basic instruments. My favourite song by them is Yoru to Ashita no Record, essentially the only song I truly enjoy from them. Personally, their music isn't life-changing or any of that sort. Actually I feel majority of their songs are too slow and uninteresting. But it's just their aesthetic. It's pleasing bgm and there are times when that's all I need.