Florrie // Discovery

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Before I was annoyed at how the radio played the same songs or how all the mainstream songs were built on the same formula. I always wondered whether the general public was tired of the same old same old. Didn't they want to listen to something new?

Then one day, I just realized that I was just jumping to conclusions. People are searching for new sounds and it's evident in the charts, in the sold out concerts, number of views on online content and so on. I would be browsing on YouTube and see an artist I never heard of, have millions of views on their mvs.

What I'm trying to get to is that no matter how hard mainstream music is pushed, people will continue to seek out music they enjoy. And that's really interesting. So what led me to this whole spiel is discovering the English artist, Florrie. Not just a singer but also a drummer, song writer, and model. She's worked both behind the scenes and the front line. Provided drums for various artists like Rebecca Ferguson and written songs for the likes of Girls Aloud.

Her style reminds me of a blender. As if she threw in old school sixties and modern day electro in and mixed it all up. Her music has the rhythmic quality like that of a pulsating blade's, the sweetness of pop like that of a tart, refreshing smoothie. With a blender, you literally can put (almost) anything in and make it taste great. It feels like she could put out any music and make it sound good. It's that artistic versatility, a very powerful tool that most artists don't have.

This whole spiel may be a little hypocritical since Florrie has had help with exposure. Although she built her music fanbase online by releasing content for free to download, she isn't just your average indie artist. She's been in ads from major companies, has associations with a large production team, and basically has some pretty good advantages. Regardless, I still believe that the general public isn't only going to consume what's given to them, they're going to look for different, new musicians. Major corporate labels will always have a say in the industry. However smaller voices of indie bands and artists are getting louder. And people are listening.

I guess they were always willing to.