Låpsley - Atmospheric & Alternative at its Finest

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Låpsley is a nineteen year old musician from Yorkshire, English. Let me repeat that, she is 19 years old. That's insane because if you've ever heard her music before, you wouldn't believe how rich and mature she sounds. She draws in emotion like lungs draw in air. She can express sentiments and thoughts and events so well through her performance. At a young age, that's impressive because the ability to express such manners in an individual, defined artistic way usually comes with experience and time.

Her lyrics seem common, phrases that I've heard somewhere before. Yet their messages are compelling conveyed. I can't seem to stop listening Love is Blind. Once I'm forced to press pause and step outside for a bit, I instantly forget how the song goes. Which is quite ironic as it's been on repeat for an unhealthy amount of time. Though, without exception, I always can remember how the song made me feel. Exhausted and hopeful, drowsy but roused. It's the repetitive backtracks, the rise and fall of the soulful vocals, the imagery of the lyrics. The perfect stage for a hypnotic play, creating a world submerged in soft ambient beats and pop-inspired melodies. Never are the notes too high nor too prominent. There's an entrancing calmness to her songs.

Her debut album, Long Way Home, is a big first and impressive step into the world. With hit killers like Hurt Me and Falling Short and seemingly lighter blends like Painter (Valentine), it's a solid quality piece of work. I know this compilation isn't an industry changer but still extremely solid, arguably atmospheric ambient hip hop at its top form.

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