Aimer Ninelie TOWER OF LOVERS Vol.9 - Live Report (05/15/16)

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Today is the day I realized my dream of seeing Aimer live in person. Kind of. Before I begin, let's head back to the start. She had just announced her new single, ninelie, a collaboration with chelly from EGOIST. After checking the special site for the single, it came to my attention that fans could attend a special event in promotion of the single. I didn't know how to get tickets or pre-order the single or anything! Google Translate was my favourite person that day.

In order to secure tickets to the free event, you had to purchase the CD through Tower Records (this was one of the stores holding the promo event). I went to Tower Records in Shibuya, asked the information counter on the 3rd floor, filled out the form they gave me, and that was it. Literally, that's all I had to do. Anyone who pre-ordered the regular or limited edition could attend. Thank you whoever thought of this amazing idea to give free lives in exchange for supporting the artist. It's a win-win situation. On the day of the event (May 15th), I went to the cashier with the pre-order slip and paid for the single. I got a free poster (the same one they used to advertise the single) and my ticket to enter the venue. My ticket number was 250, so that meant I was the 250th person allowed to enter. There were many people after me but after climbing several flights of stairs to get to my spot in line, I was too lazy/tired to see where line ended.


 Located at the bottom floor of Tower Records in Shibuya, CUTUP STUDIO was a tiny, dark room. There were two TVs on each side for people in the back to see. Let me tell you, even though I said at the beginning, this was the day I saw Aimer live. I really wasn't able to see her at all. Standing at the back, behind this tall girl, I literally could not see anything. I might as well as have sat down, because it wouldn't have made a difference. My only salvation was the TV where I managed to watch a dimly lit silhouette of her and an even dimmer lit silhouette of her accompanying pianist. Despite the lack of vision, was it all worth it? Yes. Million times over and over again.

Even not the frustration of being short and even not the humidity and even not the uncomfortableness squished in a room with hundreds of people. None of it mattered once Aimer came on stage and started singing. She was absolutely incredible. Better than any edited studio version, better than viewing her live on the computer. She added personal quirks to her songs like suddenly pausing and extending notes. It was captivating beyond words.  The way she liked to move her hands, the way she swung her feet or moved her legs to the beat while singing. How soft she spoke when she introduced herself and how excited she became when announcing her national hall tour. The songs she performed, if you pardon my hazy and horrible memory, were Mine, OpheliaNinelie, and Braveshine. I think she performed another song, I can't be sure. The event lasted from 7 to 7:30. So there was probably enough time to perform 5 songs or so.

Anyways, I'm getting to a point where this is becoming rambling...which tends to happen as I have a lot to say about Aimer. All in all, I had a spectacular time and I can't believe that three years after becoming her fan, I have finally been able to see her perform live. I'm so grateful that she's been putting performances after performances. Her Dawn tour late last year, her Billboard Live tour earlier this year, and now a new single. Aimer is on a great streak and I hope her career continues to prosper.


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