Spring '16 Playlist

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This has got to be one of the busiest times in my life and one of the most confusing. I'm at a crossword of where to go and yet sometimes I get this clarity that I know what I'm doing and then a second later, everything becomes fuzzy. With life being so busy, I'm pretty sure I can't devote much time to this blog. So this will be another hiatus. I may post here and there but until things settle down in the Fall, I'm hoping to relaunch this blog and do some crazy things with it. For now, take a peek at what I've been listening to this spring.

  1. Oh Wonder by Oh Wonder
  2. 7 / 27 by Fifth Harmony
  1. Minato by Spitz
  2. The Flickers by New Romantics
  3. Kawaramachi Eki by Dramatic Alaska
  4. Middle by DJ Snake ft. Bipolar Sunshine
  5. Fukuwarai by Takahashi Yuu
  6. Love Me Like That by The Knocks & Carly Rae Jepsen
  7. Let It All Go by Birdy and Rhodes
  8. Heart That Could Heal by Venice
  9. Chronograph by SKY-HI
  10. Ain't Too Cool by Lunchmoney Lewis
  11. Sea Glass by Straightener
  12. Canvas by Akai Ko-en
  13. TOKYO BLACK HOLE by Seiko Oomori
  14. Daylight by Arashi